My fun filled week in the Azores – By Dawn Lawson

Azores Agent Fam Trip with Sunvil Holidays – (28th September-5th October 2019)

On Saturday 28th September I travelled down to London Gatwick ready to start my fun-filled week in the Azores with Sunvil I couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for us!

Our flight with SATA Azores Airways direct into the Capital Ponta Delgada on the Island of Sao Miguel, took around 4 hours and from landing I was in love with this beautiful destination and there was no better way to start our adventure than with a jeep tour to Sete Cidades. We drove through rare landscapes of beauty, stunning scenery which cannot be seen by foot, our route took us along the west coast of the island of Sao Miguel stopping at various viewpoints taking in more fantastic landscapes such as Sete Cidades Lake, Carvao and the Lakes of Empadadas.

We were up with the birds the next morning to catch our internal flight to the next island of Terceira which took approx 30 Mins (you can however catch a ferry to Terceira however this would increase your travel time to 4hours 30minutes) here we were met by our tour guide who had arranged our first Activity….

… Whale Watching!

Dressed in the most attractive waterproofs you could ever imagine (Paddington bear springs to mind) we were taken to our Zodiac Boat. A marine biologist joined us for our journey who was amazing at explaining what Cetacean we may spot whilst out on the water (however this wasn’t guaranteed). I have to say this was an experience of a LIFETIME and we were lucky enough to spot the Sei Whale and also the Risso Dolphin – just amazing!

The following day took us on a city tour of Angra Do Heroismo is one of the 3 capitals of the Azores and has been has been declared a UNESCO world Heritage Site. I can honestly say its a city untouched by time with cobbled streets, little townhouses and beautiful marina. Picture perfect is the word that springs to mind.

Very few places in the world allow you to explore and go inside a volcano and I can now say, I have been lucky enough to have been to one of them – Algar do Carvão – the volcano Erupted almost 3,200 years ago. It was an awesome experience, one I will never forget. Once you walk through the narrow passage, you can look up through the lava tube and see the sky.


Unfortunately our next morning was disrupted by Hurricane Lorenzo as we was on Red Alert we had to stay safe while the hurricane passed – The Red Alert was lifted at 1pm in the afternoon which was great as we could continue our afternoon excursion of the island before we set off for our flight back to Sao Miguel.

The next day we took a tour to Furnas. We visited the beautiful 30 acre botanical gardens (Terra Nostra Park) these gardens have different flowers from all over the world. This is where you will also find the Hot Springs which is a MUST DO EXPERIENCE! For lunch we ate a traditional COZIDO meal which is a variety of meats and vegetables slowly cooked from the underground vapours of Furnas Hot Springs.

Our week flew by so quickly and our last day arrived and we took a tour of Ponte Delgada. The city is full of character with gothic churches, historic forts and traditional Portuguese tavernas.

Some interesting Facts

The Smallest Island of the Azores is called Corvo Island – this has approx 460 people living here however cows take over the residency having doubled in the past years, this island also has 1 road!

Cheese – 50% of the cheese made in the Azores is shipped to Portugal

40% of the milk is also shipped to Portugal from the Azores

In 1987 Hunting of Whales was Banned in the Azores

2000 Cultural Events happen in the Azores every year

Most Sustainable place in the World

The Azores have been producing tea for almost 200 years

Christopher Columbus discovered the first island of Santa Maria on his return voyage from America

If you are looking for an active adventure:

Hiking Trails – 800 Miles to be precise are available at your leisure


Diving – 90 Feet Visible

Whale watching – available March – October

Bird Watching – Smaller Islands

Top Tip:

Take a Pac a Mac! The Azores is a blend of 4 seasons in 1 day you can be taking in the Portuguese sunshine and then whilst moving around you may catch some light showers whilst in the north of the island this may be cloudy with some light winds

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sunvil for inviting me on this trip and helping me experience the Azores

My Final Statement : The Azores is Romance with Adventure!

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