Hurtiguten Training

Did you know all Polar Bears are left handed?

… well we didn’t either until our Wednesday morning breakfast training with Danny from Hurtigruten.

With 11 ships just on the Norwegian Coastline, there is no one else who knows the Fjords better then Hurtigruten.

Over 125 years of experience helps this company take its passengers deep into the heart of Norway on a coastal expedition like no other. ‘The world’s most Beautiful voyage’ will leave toy speechless with its natural wonders, wildlife & fascinating history.

Where you can get a front row seat to the most amazing light show on earth!

Hurtigruten are all about taking adventure travel into the next century, where sustainability and responsibility is their highest priority, protecting these amazing coastal routes.

Their on-board expedition team, will lead the way in Hiking, Walking Tours and on shore events and teach you how to leave a footprint that you are proud of.

Don’t worry though this amazing company don’t just set voyage around the Norwegian Coast line, they have so many other areas or natural wonders for you to see including…

❤️ Iceland – The Mythical Land of Fire & Ice#

❤️ Greenland – The Beautiful land of contrasts

❤️ Northwest passage – In the footsteps of legendary explorers

❤️ Alaska – The wild northern frontier

❤️ South America – Hunting for Cultural treasures

❤️ Antarctica – Adventure to the end of the Earth

We would love to share more information with you about these wonderful ships and voyages that Hurtigruten have to offer and help you ‘step out of the ordinary’ with your next adventure.

Please call in and see us.

Bea xx

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