Newmarket Holidays Training

“The best travel stories – yours – begin when you choose Newmarket Holidays”

Yesterday we had a fantastic training by the lovely Gemma from Newmarket Holidays ❤️

We couldn’t believe that Newmarket offer so many different holidays, there is literally something to suit everyone!


Newmarket offers you the opportunity to fly to a vast range of destinations, often from your local airport. Choose a short breaks in exciting citiy, visits a must-see sight at home or abroad, a transatlantic odysseys or escorted tours to fascinating far-flung destinations the choices are endless!


See the world and discover a collection of beautiful coastal destinations on an ocean cruise with Newmarket Holidays. Set sail on a voyage across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, cruise into the Baltic or embark upon a round-the-world odyssey.


Their river cruises give you opportunities to follow the courses of some of the world’s greatest waterways. Take in breathtaking gorges and dramatic cliffs, fairy-tale towns and ancient cities, world-famous vineyards and alpine scenery as you savour life on the river. Gaze in awe at natural wonders like the Nile’s vast floodplains, and at man-made marvels like the Yangtze’s astonishing Three Gorges Dam

We are delighted that we can offer our customers such an amazing range of holidays.

Pop by and see us and pick up a copy of their brochure.

Hope to see you soon,

Helen, Nick, Leanne, Bea, Melissa and Dawn x

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