Silversea Discovery training

When perfection isn’t enough, the thrill of discovery in the most lavish surroundings imaginable is for you.

Last week Julie from Silversea popped in for our weekly training to tell us all about small ultra luxury cruising and with 900 destinations on all continents Silversea offers more than any other cruise line.

Their small luxury ships holding 296 passengers offer you spacious ocean view suites, several specialty venues (non-expedition ships), open seating dining options, along with white-gloved waiting service all include in your ultra-luxury fare. They thrive of personalised service which remains after 25 years the jewel to in their crown.

With 9 ships within their fleet, this ensures each guest finds the perfect balance between choice and intimacy. You can be pleased about exploring secluded harbours where others cannot go as these ultra-luxury ships can sail narrow waterways into the heart of a city.

Silversea has 4 purpose built expedition ships , transports out customers to the boundaries of the planet giving customers the chance explore the new and unknown areas of our beautiful world and with 5 more ships joining their fleet within the next few years we believe that at Silversea’s ‘the best is yet to come’

Please call in and see us so we can tell you more about this amazing company.

We would ❤ to help you discover Silversea more and help you choose your perfect voyage of discovery.

Bea xx

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