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This stunning voyage round trip from Tokyo, offers eight Japanese calls, one in South Korea and one in Russia. Explore mountain-fringed islands, castles, Shogun history, seafood and sake.

17 May 2022

18 days

Return flights from Manchester

From £3879 pp

Take a look at this incrediable journey!

Day 1

In 1859, Yokohama became the first major Japanese Treaty Port opened to foreign trade, so there is interesting maritime and international flavour to one of the country’s most accessible and second largest cities.

It’s an exciting city filled with Japanese charm and culture, and is less than 30 minutes’ train ride from Tokyo, so there’s an opportunity to sample two of Japan’s greatest urban centres.

Day 2 – At Sea

Day 3

Once the base of Japan’s largest fishing fleets, Kushiro, ‘The City of Mist’, is your gateway to the pristine natural beauty of the Kushiro Wetlands and Akan national parks.

Kushiro is surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty, which is often overlaid with a thick mist, giving it a surreal feel. This one-time prosperous fishing port is now known for its stunning Kushiro Wetlands and Akan national parks – and its endangered, Japanese red-crowned cranes.

Day 4 – At Sea

Day 5

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is a city on the south of Sakhalin Island. Now belonging entirely to Russia, the southern part of the island was briefly once claimed by Japan, and nods to this heritage remain.

Sakhalin has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and the Ainu, Oroks and Nivkhs are among the island’s indigenous people. There have been many claims and counter-claims to the territory, or parts of it, over the centuries, mostly involving Japan and Russia. The island was split between the two nations for much of the 1800s; indeed Japan owned at least the southern half of Karafuto, as they named Sakhalin, until the end of World War II when it became totally Russian.

Day 6

Otaru lies close to the city of Sapporo on Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s islands. Hokkaido’s scenery comprises dense forest, mountains and marshlands, dotted with mineral-rich hot springs.

Hokkaido is seen as wild and rugged, where nature dominates. So it was only in the late 1800s that the population flourished. Much of Otaru’s industry at this time focused around the herring fishing industry, and the wealth it brought was reflected in its so-called ‘Herring Mansions.’ One of these still stands nearby on a hill overlooking the sea and is open to visitors. Further inland is the Former Aoyama Villa, an even more lavish house owned by the Aoyama family who made their fortune from herring fishing.

Day 7

Hakodate is one of the most popular city destinations in Japan. Here you can experience diverse dynastic architecture, the last Shogun battlefield and enjoy shimmering night views from Mount Hakodate.

The Motomachi buildings from the Edo period and Meiji era of the late 19th century blend with western-influence to create an exciting cultural concoction. In Goryokaku Park, where the last battle of the Japanese civil war was fought, you can now enjoy peaceful contemplation amongst the fragrant blossom of 1600 cherry trees.

Day 8

Savour the natural landscapes in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture of Honshu, the largest and most populous island of Japan. Aomori sits between the southern end of Mutsu Bay and the fine Hakkōda Mountains.

At the heart of the Tōhoku region, Aomori charms you with its unique blend of ultramodern architecture and sleepy fairytale castles, amid scented cherry blossoms.

Day 9 – At Sea

Day 10 – Another chance to see Tokyo

Day 11 -At Sea

Day 12

Capital of the Akita Prefecture, Akita City is located in the north of the Tohoku Region of Japan. Its Jizōden ruins are a major archaeological site, with artefacts dating from up to 40,000 years ago.

The city is known best for its Kanto Matsuri festival at the beginning of August, where performers balance bamboo poles up to 12 metres long, with 50 paper lanterns attached, lit by real candles.

Day 13

If you’re in search of historic Japan, look no further than Kanazawa. A UNESCO recognised City of Crafts and Folk Art, Kanazawa emerged from World War II largely unscathed, and the city is now one of the best surviving examples of Edo-era architecture in Japan. Consequently, Kanazawa evokes a feeling of stepping back in time and it’s this connection to the Geishas and Samurais past that fascinates and delights in equal measure. Step ashore for a vision of the way things were, savour tea in an authentic 19th Century teahouse, and feast on Japan’s finest delicacies, fresh from one of the country’s oldest markets.

Day 14

Maizuru is known for its red-brick buildings and nearby natural attractions. It’s also your gateway to Kyoto, Japan’s capital for 1,000 years and laden with sacred temples and other historic sites.

For many, Maizuru is an invitation to head to wonderful city of Kyoto, birthplace of the tea ceremony and the Geisha tradition. You could watch a demonstration of samurai kembu, the traditional sword dance of the samurai, while any discovery here will include Shinto shrines, Zen gardens and incredible temple complexes. In fact, Kyoto is home to an astonishing 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Day 15 – At Sea

Day 16

There is no doubt nature has been generous to the fine Korean island of Jeju-do, also known as Jeju Island. This is home to the mythical Cheonjeyon Falls, the stunning scenery of Sunrise Peak and the world’s longest lava tube.

This picturesque haven is a honeymooners’ mecca and it certainly is a heart-warming destination. Newly-wed, happily married or still looking, you’ll fall in love with Jeju-do’s charming setting.

Day 17

Japan’s first real contact with the West was through Portuguese explorers and Jesuit missionaries, and then Dutch merchants. Apprehensive Shoguns thus closed Japan to foreign trade except at Nagasaki.

Stop by Peace Park for a moment of serenity, or visit the Confucian Shrine to see the influence that the Chinese community has on Nagasaki.

Day 18 Return Home – Flights to Manchester


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